About Taylor


What I love about the younger generation is their passion about what they believe in. Taylor is a graduate assistant at Eastern Michigan University with a BFA Fine Arts Photography from the University of Dayton.  She is also a vegetarian, an animal lover, and feels strongly about the state of our environment today and what can be done to save it for future generations.  Her beaded and fur work is full of texture and color and is just so fun to look at.



I am interested in contemporary artists such as Nick Cave, Liza Lou and Amy Gross - All of which use repetition, beads, or other found materials for adornment in their practice.  I use beads as a primary medium because of their history of adornment but also for their captivating qualities which include their luster, cut, and reflective sheen. I am regularly being inspired by Haute Couture designers and their laborious process of making, as well as surface application of materials to create beautifully adorned pieces. 

~ Taylor Orr