About Steve


While at a woodworking show in Ohio, I was pleasantly surprised to find Steve there with his wood carvings.  I was immediately drawn to them and could feel the music coming from these instruments without them making a sound. There is a strong energy that comes from his work.  I looked and looked and walked away. I came back and looked again and had to talk to him about his work for a bit.  His love of what he creates and his need to share it with others, talk to them about it, and be so open was a breath of fresh air for me.  Although I didn’t go to the event looking for artists, I knew right away I had to have him included in the project with this group of artists. Our later conversation about art, non-profits, and life confirmed he was the right choice.

~ PLDeere


The sculptures I create are one of a kind wood sculptures made of wood that I find in the forest, rivers, and lakes, which in itself is a big part of my inspiration and journey. The wood was once living, now dead and turning to dust. I simply help out what is still in there trying to get out, and give it a new forever life.
I try to create and relate human emotion through the beauty and movement of each piece. A smile, a tear, does not matter. It just needs to move you. The full range of emotions run through me while creating the piece, and when finished, I step out of the picture. My goal then becomes to invite the viewer to see and feel inside the piece, putting themselves in my place creating their own story, maybe reliving a memory, or stirring an emotion so strong they become part of the sculpture itself.
I tell my wife each morning when I head out to the little cabin in the woods where I work, “I’m off to create something beautiful today.”

~ Steve Burelison