About Lorenzo


Lorenzo.  You have to love him just because he has a cool name, right?  Lorenzo Cristaudo.  But when you see him work and find out about his background as a baker, a glass blower for medical apparatus, and then going on to get a degree in fine art after retirement, you love him even more and are immediately attracted to his love of life.  Lorenzo has a heart of gold and everything he is shows up in his blown glass art work today and the custom paper books he also creates.

~ PLDeere


A thought, a visual experience, a whimsical musing can often lead me in the direction of wanting to make something.  Sometimes I'm reacting to a current event, or a remarkable display of nature, or just to experiment with new materials. 

Regardless, my goal is always to present works to others for their gateway to connect me either in person or vicariously.

~ Lorenzo Cristaudo