About Bryan


Bryan is a childhood friend that I lost touch with for years. It was told he was a fabulous artist and I feel so fortunate to have reconnected with him.  Bryan was the first artist I thought of to help me with this project of bringing artists and non-profits together.  He has a very dedicated background of helping young people who had been displaced from their homes because of their life circumstances. And he is one of the most compelling portrait artists I know, bringing out the essence of each person he portrays.

~ PLDeere


I became interested in portraiture through my involvement with at risk, displaced, and homeless young people in Detroit. Their story of hardship and resilience could be seen on their faces. I thought it important to attempt to capture that reality in my paintings. From there, I expanded into different demographic groups, friends, and commission work.

My other area of interest is in everyday inanimate objects.  Those

insignificant things we depend on but never give a second thought.  A screwdriver, a pencil, a can opener or, in my case a brush.  All things we need to get through the day. It's my way of asking the viewer to pay attention to the little things so we will be ready when the big things inevitably arrive. 

My background and aesthetic comes from a  long career in the fashion industry in NYC working for Saks Fifth Avenue and then Bill Blass as director of advertising and P.R.  I left Mr. Blass's employ and with his encouragement, have pursued painting since 1996.

~ Bryan Hoffman