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Patricia Lynn Deere, as I was named at birth. PLDeere as you will see me referred to.  I began as a studio artist years ago and ran a full service stained glass studio for years.  Designing and fabricating custom stained glass was the majority of my business but I also hosted classes and sold supplies to my students.  As a glass artist I had many successful projects including 5 windows included in the installation of stained glass at the Flint Bus Depot.  One of those windows is pictured here.  This one was based on women's rights.

Flint Bus Depot Finished Windows

Patricia Deere

Relationship Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, Business Builder

Over time, I burned out on this endeavor and was searching for another opportunity that appealed to me.  During a trip to Europe, a decision was made to change my passion for glass into a hobby instead of a business and help other businesses in their marketing.

Having been introduced to a business in a box I call it, their business model intrigued me.  I loved the positive message of acting on promptings and attracting people to your business because of who you are, not because of the marketing material and sales pitches most businesses find themselves doing.

I love that I have a business with a two fold mission.  Helping people act on their promptings and providing a vehicle for financial freedom.  I achieve this through helping others with their relationship building, and giving them an optional additional income stream if that is what they are looking for.  It made leaving my stained glass studio behind seem like the most natural thing to do.

My Approach

Let me tell you by sharing a story.  As secretary/treasurer of our family owned electrical contracting company we found ourselves in a situation while on a family vacation that could have been devastating.  A customer who promised to pay a large bill while gone, that would cover our expenses while we were on vacation, decided he couldn't pay.  What do you do?  We found a customer who also owed us but whose bill was not due yet who was willing to pay early.  When he asked, "What kind of discount will you give me if I help you out?", we responded not with a discount but with a unique opportunity to show him appreciation without setting the precedence of a discount.  We started by sending this card, with a photo of my children some of whom are also employees, helping my husband and business owner hike up a hill.  I'd love to tell you more.

My Approach

I help my customers mainly through meeting with individuals or teams of people and sharing a tool to help you build relationships with customers in a very personal way.  In

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This is should be a prospective customer's number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.