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Relationship Building

As an entrepreneur for over 30 years, marketing, relationship building, and business building has been a passion of mine.  I have seen the years when business just came to us.  And, I have seen the years that made us look at our business model, what we were doing well, and what needed improvement.

One thing that never changed was the fact that building relationships was the number one most important thing in our business and in our personal lives.  That is because, who we are in our personal lives transfers over into our businesses, if we are authentic.  It is authenticity that attracts people to us, and in turn to our businesses.

I am known for the passion I have for anything I pursue.  Whether that is helping my customers succeed, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or traveling with my family … I do it with passion.  I believe bringing Hope, Healing and Happiness is an important part of who I am and how I help people reach their goals.

You will find many things on this site and they all pertain to relationship and business building.  In my blog are cards with stories of Hope Healing & Happiness to be included in an upcoming ArtPrize project.  I love bringing people together through networking events I host and sharing their stories of success.  I speak with service organizations and businesses with teams of people.  I may speak about Relationship Marketing or my 500 Mile Appalachian Trail hike and how it changed me in my personal as well as my business life.

Being involved is important to me and I do so in many areas:  As a board member for the Graphic Arts Program at our local trade school, as the current Ambassador Chairperson for our Chamber of Commerce, as Secretary Treasurer for our BNI group, and most importantly as the big sister for my little sister whom I met through the Boys and Girls Club.

Bringing Hope, Healing & Happiness is important to me with everything I pursue.


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